JX-3P MIDI Upgrade Kit


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The JX-3P MIDI Upgrade Kit adds the following new features to your Roland JX-3P:

  • Simultaneous use of the PG-200 or DT-200 and MIDI input
  • Real-time control over all JX-3P parameters with standard MIDI CC messages
  • Loading new patches into the JX-3P via MIDI (CC)
  • Selectable MIDI receive channel (1-3)
  • Velocity sensitivity (via MIDI-input, not the keyboard)

Additional features for owners of a PG-200 (or DT-200) programmer:

  • Transmission of MIDI CC messages from the programmer to record in
    a sequencer or DAW for automation, and/or to control other MIDI devices
  • Saving JX-3P patches as MIDI files onto your computer

Please note, this kit only works with the JX-3P (not the MKS-30) and does not change the sound of your JX-3P, it only adds new ways of controlling it.

No additional parts are required, but tools such as a soldering iron, screwdriver and wire strippers are required.


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